New Generation Cosmetics

Who are we? New Generation Cosmetics was born in the late 1990s as a dream from Mexican Entrepreneur Margarita Aburto in the great Las Vegas Nevada. With a 30 year trajectory and many successful testimonials from hundreds of satisfied clients New Generation Cosmetics is bringing that confidence back to women who want to look their best without having to spend thousands in expensive treatments and/or surgeries.
A revolutionary 100 percent all natural herb compound that will bring results to your eyes from the VERY FIRST APPLICATION.

New Generation Cosmetics is family owned and operated leaving you with the confidence of knowing that you will be able to reach someone who knows their product from their roots, that speaking with someone who has direct contact with the creator of this amazing formula will dissipate all your doubts. Remember that we are not new in the market we have 30 years in the business and we are now expanding to the United States and Europe.

We invite you to try our fabulous Sculptural Ice and Facial Sculptural Ice and rediscover yourself and your beauty.

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