Sculptural Ice

 Corporal Sculptural Massage® is a cold modeling therapy that is merged with three basic elements: Natural ingredients, ice and Sculptural Massage® 


The results obtained are due to the fusion of these three elements. Natural ingredients: mostly barks, roots, leaves, flowers and other toned substances and nutrients that help reestablish the natural balance of the skin.

The ice: it is used for its therapeutical benefits, cosmetic and thermogenics, besides it strengthens the natural ingredients and allows to perform the massage appropriately.

Scuptural Massage®: is the correct technique  of cold modeling application, which is based in the perfect combination of lymphatic massage, reductive massage and relaxing massage. Corporal Sculptural Massage ® is the Margarita Aburto’s professional therapy of cold modelingg application.

Now from the comfort of your home 

Once you follow these recommendations you will have it ready to apply whenever you want!

1.- Stir the product. 

Shake well!
Will be necessary shake the lotion to mix well all the ingredients, so when the it’s freeze, all the ingredients ends well scattered in the ice.

2.- Freeze the product

Do not open the lotions until they are frozen. (At least 48 hours)

3.- Freezes 48 hours

Freeze the product preferably to the wall of the freezer for at least 48 hrs. Before applying it, read the instructions in detail.

4.- Take note

If possible take notes of your measurements and generate a record prior to your sessions.

5.- Sculptural massage

Apply the product, following the movements recommended for the whole body, identify the areas of your body with greater accumulation of fat.

6.- Find better results

Always perform the same movement and time on both sides of the body, in order to work on problem areas equally.